The Best Way To Promote Your Business...


 * Be visible to the search engine *   

What happens if your business is incognito to the search engine?

You can expect:

no traffic

no result from search query

no ranking

no customers

no sales

no referrals

What to do? 

You definitely need some love from Web Design & SEO

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How to promote a business idea ?

1.  You need a SEO website

2.  Googlebot/spider wants to  find your website

3.  Your website must be optimized (SEO) to be found
4.  The website needs to have stunning visual display

5.  Content needs to clearly capture your BIZ idea

6.  You need to get the word out about your website...

7.   Shout-out's ads/messaging for your BIZ website


We Develop Online Presence

Do you want to bring your idea into VIEW ?​

You're in the right place because that's what we do.

          We create impressive websites that are visible to the search engine,

                     with responsive display on a desktop and mobile device.





How to Actualize Your Business Website Idea ?

If your idea is still taking up space in your head 

You will not be found or Googled

design idea gears annimation in the head

You may need to explore our

Impressive Web Design & SEO

click here

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Products and services are boosted on the web everyday...

That's why you need all of the above

97% of all shopping starts with online search 


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The famous Yellow Pages directory delivered to your door was yesterday's idea.

Today it's a digital format, 80 million people use it, or They Google it.

They don’t look through encyclopedias... They Google it.

They don’t even ask friends anymore... They Google it!

It’s so common that “Google" is a VERB because that’s how people find things.

Internet search has become the default for finding anything.
There are over
3.5 BILLION searches per day ...  40,000 searches per second.
This is how people are finding information today, and forevermore into the future.


What This Means For You?



Right now, there are people typing in searches for whoever is ...















              idea influencing


           resume posting

    you name it... 

You could be there right at the top when they search

All you have to get is a * SEO Website *

Bar Chart

SEO is an acronym for Search Engine Optimization.  It's a technique used so that Googlebot/spider can find your website.

We strive for technical optimizations to speed up your website and use targeted keyword content to help your website rank higher on Google.

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The main work of SEO:




clean desktop with laptop

Impressive Web Design & SEO


Courage is having fear ... and walking through it 

 Don't be afraid to  DISCOVER  what you don't know

puzzel pieces



debugging misinformation

"KEYWORDS"  are not a ranking factor

"HITS" do not measure website traffic

"CONTENT" is king for the algorithm bot... however, statistically humans prefer to

skim, scan & scroll

"Meta descriptions" don’t have a direct impact

on rankings

"Leads & Referrals" are not the same

"Web Design" & "Web Development"

are not the same